Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Sorry I have been a bit silent of late.  I have a play reading of a musical play I have written which looks at secular views on death.  Guaranteed to be a bit hard to attract an audience to such a deadly topic.  It is at the protype stage and a play reading is happening in Melbourne on Wednesday, 19 February fortyfive downstairs.  Once I survive this, more regular blogs will bloom.  I hope to see some Melbournian readers at the reading on Wednesday or a more rehearsed reading on Monday 17 March. 



  1. Og anon3:35 PM

    Good luck with the show Dick
    Breaking news, Pell, our old adversary, has been kicked upstairs
    I rarely say this, Thank you Pope.

    1. I am about to do a bitchy blog on the very topic.